New Year’s resolutions express disappointment.

Think about it.

It’s like making a list of things you wish were different about yourself. Your habits, your lifestyle, your choices.

But, to me, resolutions also express hope. The hope that I am capable of change.

Last year I adopted Chris Brogan’s ’3 words’ format – instead of making resolutions, I just pick 3 words that represent the changes I’d like to achieve.

So…I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours…


It’s no secret that I’ve got ‘shiny object syndrome’.

My curiousity is both a blessing and a curse. It drives me to learn new things — but also serves as a constant distraction.

In 2012 I really want to improve my focus.

UPDATE: I interrupt this post with a comment from the Sheriff. He would like to offer his 3 words:

1. Take 2. More 3. Vacations.

Can you see why I have a hard time focusing??? Moving on….


I love this word because it is so forgiving.

For instance, it’s unlikely I will become as focused as I would hope to be – but I’m going to practice focusing in small steps and, in so doing, become more focused than I’ve been in the past.

Practice gives me a sense of satisfaction even when I fall short of my goals.


This is really hard for me to admit. It shows my age. It’s like ‘going for a walk’ instead of just playing.

I want to just wake up in the morning, go to work, come home and get on the computer.

I don’t want to pay attention to my health.

But I will because… what I really want is balance.

But that would be a fourth word – and I’m trying to stay focused.

Okay…your turn. I’d really love to hear about your 3 words…

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