The ParmFarm is about growing, personally and professionally.

By sharing ideas and experiences we learn from each other, grow as a community, better ourselves and better the world. Simply stated, the ParmFarm is co-op, with some benefit to all who ‘stop by’.

Amy Parmenter is an award-winning reporter who has worked in both television and radio news for NBC and CBS.  She has created the ParmFarm as a unique platform where she can continue to ‘cultivate’ her craft – and give something back at the same time – by raising the media bar to include social responsibility.

Almost every interview Amy posts will raise money for a non-profit chosen by her guest. Donations are made by ‘co-op’ members including Friends of the Farm, contributing foundations and corporate sponsors. Visitors to the ParmFarm are only asked to ‘Give-a-Listen’. The more popular the blog, the greater the benefit to the non-profits.

In addition, the ParmFarm also features ‘Notes from the Farmer’, Amy’s more traditional blog entries.

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