I feel better now.

It’s taken some time but I do feel better.

I wasn’t hospitalized or anything. I wasn’t even sick.

But I did have an ache that I’d never had before.

My brain was full.

I didn’t even think it was possible.

I live to learn. But I couldn’t.


For the last two years I have been absorbing everything I could about social media – reading, writing, blogging, vlogging, speaking, ‘Like’-ing, tweeting….

It’s necessary for my day job and, of course, it’s the very fabric of ‘the farm’.

And then along comes Google+ …and there was just no room.

My brain was full.

I’ve never really had this experience before.

I couldn’t take in anything and I could barely remember what I knew.

I Lost It

As a reporter, my job requires that I remember names, faces, details. I’m good at it and I can remember everything…usually.

This is a conversation I recently had with a detective:

Me: Can you tell me if you have any new leads or if there have been any developments in the investigation?

Detective: I can say ‘no comment’ to your first question and yes to your second question.

Me: Okay. (pause……..) Um, what was my first question?

Detective: Really??? What’s your name again?? I gotta write it down ‘cause you’re an idiot. (I’m paraphrasing but that was definitely the gist of it.)

And there were several similar scenarios. Not like when I lost my shoes. Worse.

I Went Away

I went to Canada. (photo)

The Sheriff planned a trip to Prince Edward Island.

No computer. No phone. Barely any TV..

I was on…

Complete Head Rest

I feel better now.

But I wanted to share my story because I know I’m not alone.

Whether you are looking for a job, working too much, or just trying to keep up with….everything.

Technology can push you over the brink of burnout.

When Should You Put Your Mind To Rest?

When you eat too much, your stomach hurts.

When you need sleep, you feel tired.

But how do you know when your brain is full and you need to unplug?

There’s ‘a nap’ for that.

Can you relate?? Please comment by clicking here.

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