When people ask what the ParmFarm is about, I always answer ‘growing’. But, in all honesty, it’s not a very satisfying answer. Sure, they seem to get the whole ‘farm – grow’ play on words, but the description is still too vague. Here’s my thinking.

parmfarmGrowing is the benefit of aging. If you are not growing, you are dying.

Maybe not literally, but certainly in spirit. Seasons pass and nothing new is planted.

When we are young, growing comes naturally. We learn how to tie our shoes, we go to school, we acquire skills to make a living.

Then what?

If you’re lucky, you will meet someone who helps you to grow. You can grow through your work if you have the right job. And, if you’re open to it, not only can you learn from your children, but you can learn from the ‘old’ folks.

Many people live year after year stifled by their spouses, unhappy in their work and unwilling to change. Despite the fact that they may be young or healthy, they’re dying.

Do you know someone like this?

While growing is a benefit of aging, it is by no means a guarantee. You have to want it.

Desire is the first step. The desire to live. The desire to learn. The desire to grow.

It’s not about age. I know young people with little desire and old people who are insatiable.

Here’s (aff link) a hilarious collection of original short stories by my cousin — a retired doctor who published his first book in his 90s, and also apparently did the sculpture on the front cover.

Big ParmFarm shoutout to Harold. We’ve never met but I know him in spirit, and he makes my point.

I’m turning ‘a big number’ this year. And, like the weather, there will surely be things about aging I just can’t control. But, as long as I’ve got seeds to sow, I’ll look forward to every sunrise.

So… the ParmFarm is about growing.

It’s a co-op.

Are you with me?

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