'‘Give-a-Listen’ Interviews'

A blind film director.

If you are waiting for the punch line, there isn’t one. Joe Monks is no joke. He’s a man with a vision, and the determination to see it through.

Who among us has not been fascinated by the courage of a blind man crossing a busy street with little more than a flimsy stick as his guide? So, I could not wait to interview this man who not only has the courage to cross the street, but to overcome obstacles too great for many who are sighted.

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Matt Mickiewicz may have a name that’s hard to remember but he leaves an impression that’s hard to forget

Now 27, Matt started his first business, SitePoint.com, in high school, making deals by phone between periods and returning to class thousands of dollars richer from one bell to the next.   I am not exaggerating.

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