I broke an agreement.

Not an agreement I made with a friend, or the Sheriff. An agreement I made with myself.

If you’re into self-help, then you’ve probably heard of – if not read – The Four Agreements.

It’s basically a short ‘how-to’ book for living a more fulfilling life.

The Four Agreements

Here are the cliffnotes:

1. Don’t Take Anything Personally

2. Be Impeccable With Your Word

3. Try Your Best Every Day

4. Don’t Make Assumptions

That’s the one I broke – the one about assumptions. I break it a lot.

My Problem

I make assumptions about people all the time — their motives, their families, their finances…

You name it. I’m sure about it.

A Story About Assumptions

The Sheriff decided to clean all the windows in the house – inside and out. (I know, I should just end it there and be grateful…)

Anyway, at some point, he needed the dustbuster. (Don’t ask…just keep reading).

Apparently the dustbuster was full of dust because I heard him muttering and then I heard him go outside.

Later, in our backyard, I discovered this:


As much as I really wanted to express my gratitude for his cleaning the windows, I couldn’t get over that he’d just emptied the dustbuster on the lawn.

Are you with me on this??

I mean, ridiculous, right? He couldn’t just empty it into a trash can??

Obviously, he just decided it would be easier to dump the lint in the yard.

The Truth

I wanted to say ‘What the hell! Did you have to dump the lint in the yard?’ Instead, thanks to years of therapy, I asked in the kindest, least judgmental tone I could muster…

’Hon, why did you dump the lint in the backyard?’

The Sheriff: I was thinking maybe the birds could use it for their nests.

I’m going to work on not making assumptions. Can I assume you’ll do the same?

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