I’ve paid for a lot of therapy and it’s been worth every dime.

Not just for my head, but also my heart.

If you’ve never been in therapy — or good therapy — this is how it works.

You’re chatting away, sharing your observations or feelings about someone or something.

Then your therapist says something so stunningly simple that it changes who you are.

This is how I learned the most important thing about love.

6 Words

I’ve written previously about my teacher, the Golden Lady. This gem about change, and this one about reading other’s peoples’ minds.

But it’s Valentines, so I wanted to give you a lesson in love.

It’s just 6 words. But it’s six words that have echoed in my head and my heart ever since I first heard them.

I have no idea what – or who – I was talking about at the time. I can only remember the response.

Amy, she said, ‘power is the opposite of love’.


That’s it. All you need to know.

Think about the most loving relationships you know. Who ‘wears the pants’? No one.

I see women use sex as power. I see parents try to control their adult children with money. I see friends peddle influence.

There’s no love there.


I wanted to let you to know how much I love and appreciate you. How I look forward to your your comments and how grateful I am for your visits.

It is a gift to me – so I wanted to give you something in return.

Happy Valentines Day.

I’d love to hear your thoughts….

(photo credit: PinkSherbertPhotography)

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