I’d like to offer you a new perspective.

That’s it.

That’s how you change a person’s mind.

You have to offer a perspective they can understand.

I’ll use Twitter as an example.

Are You On Twitter?

If you are like most people – those who aren’t on Twitter – you probably think it’s just a bunch of celebrities promoting themselves… and everybody else talking about what they had for breakfast.

Now I’m going to change your mind.

Do You Want To Come To My Party?

What if I told you that I was going to throw a party — but you could create the guest list.

Your guest list could include the 10 people you find most interesting, the 10 people you find most entertaining, the 10 people you like the most, your 10 favorite musicians, 10 actors and 10 athletes, 10 authors, artists, business leaders, and journalists (!). Maybe also the owners of your 10 favorite restaurants and the owners of your favorite stores.

Would you want to go to that party?

Well, that’s Twitter – only you are not limited to 10 people in each category.

It’s rare that I spend 5 minutes on Twitter without learning something new.

You can move easily from one ‘conversation’ to another, simply listen… or join in…

Just like a good party!

So…is that what you thought of Twitter?? Or have I changed your mind?

I’ve Changed My Mind

This is not about Twitter, it’s about learning.

I love when someone changes my mind.

And do you know how it happens??

They don’t preach. They teach.

Don’t preach. Teach.


I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

Also you’re invited to MY party — you can follow me on Twitter @parmfarm.

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