I want to go to Australia. 

I never thought I’d get there but I’ve come across a rare opportunity – and I really want to go.

Here’s the thing.

It’s a contest.

It’s not a contest that requires me to get a lot of votes.  It’s simply a contest that requires me to enter and provide some pertinent information.

So I did.

My Fears

When I first read about the contest, I almost blew it off.  The negative voices in my head were very loud and there were lots of reasons for me not to enter.

First of all, it’s an all-expenses paid trip for working bloggers, so no spouses.

I hate to think of having a once in a lifetime experience without the Sheriff

Second, I really hate flying …so the thought of being in the air for almost a day is borderline nauseating.

Third, I’d have to take time off from work.

And last but not least, I could lose.

In fact, there’s a good chance I’ll lose.  Better than the chance I’ll win. 

My Hopes

I am looking forward to getting an email from Darren Rowse, possibly the most popular blogger in the world, asking me to be his guest in Australia.

I am a certified diver so the thought of exploring the Great Barrier Reef is beyond my wildest dreams.  (However, I just remembered that I am also afraid of great white sharks so please add that to the list above.)

I want to see a koala and a kangaroo.  Preferably with babies.

I cannot wait to experience a place I know nothing about with people I’ve never met.

And, I want to say ‘G’day Mate!’ so often that people get really annoyed. 

Will I Win?

The winners of this contest will be announced next week.  So why did I tell you about it today, when there’s a good chance I’ll lose?

Because it doesn’t matter. 

It won’t do me any harm. 

Losing won’t change my life – or yours.  And that’s how you win.  By not being afraid to lose. 

It’s just part of the process. 

Will You Win?

There is not one ‘winner’ who hasn’t been a loser at times, who hasn’t experienced rejection or disappointment.

State what you want.  Acknowledge your fears.  Act on your hopes.

You will win. 

Not always, but often.

And do you know what that will be?? 

A G’day Mate!

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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(photo: koala/rennett stowe)

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