I went out of town for 8 days. When I returned I found another woman’s underwear in my bedroom.

Not just any underwear. A pair of black, lacy, Victoria’s Secret, I-expect-to-get-lucky underwear.

Not mine.

I Was In Shock

The Sheriff does our laundry.

When I came home from my trip there was a small pile on my dresser, just waiting to be put away.

So, after he headed off to work, I began going through the clothes, putting the socks away, the t-shirts, and the underwear.

That’s when I found it. There in the pile. Just mixed in among my things.

Sure, I have black underwear, but it wasn’t mine. Every woman knows her own underwear.

I just stared at it.

Now What?

I have to say that I was somewhat surprised by my reaction. There was no drama.

I didn’t even think about packing my bags.

I just kept looking at it. Trying to come up with an explanation.

I couldn’t.

Well, I could – but not the one I wanted to believe.

The voices in my head were loud:

‘What are you an idiot? You just found another woman’s underwear in your bedroom. Your husband is having an affair.’

There are no other women in our house. We haven’t had guests in months.

For three hours I sat with my thoughts. Resigning myself to the possibilty. And trying to figure out what to do next.

To Be Continued…

What would you have done in my position? Have you ever been??

Have you ever been sure about something — and been wrong??

(You can find the follow up to this post here.)

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