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I lost my shoes.

Actually, I lost my mind. Then I lost my shoes.

This Is What Happened

I went to yoga with the Sheriff. (I do realize that the idea of a Sheriff doing yoga is somewhat amusing, but that is not the point of this story.)

I took off my shoes before the class started, leaving them in a shoe cubby, as all the students do. I was wearing my size 6-and-a-half suede Merrells, apparently a very popular shoe, because after class I found two other pairs of black suede Merrells, but they were 7-and-a-halfs, and 7s – neither of them mine.

(If you cannot see this image click here).

Assuming someone had mistaken my shoes for theirs, (which ‘the desk’ said happens all the time) I decided to take the pair closest to where I thought I had left mine — even though they were 7-and-a-halfs.

I left my phone number and left with the way-too-big shoes — feeling a bit of a clown.

About a half hour later someone from the yoga studio called to say that the owner of the black 7-and-a-halfs was there, so it must have been the owner of the black 7s who took my 6-and-a-halfs, would I mind coming back?

Going Nowhere

The Sheriff and I had been running a few errands, so we headed back to the studio, where I exchanged the way-too-big shoes for a pair just a little too big, but still not mine.

On our way home, the Sheriff noticed that my yoga mat was not in the back seat.

‘Where’s your mat?’ he asked.

He already knew the answer.

I had forgotten it.

So, we turned back again, and then came another call from the studio. The owner of the black suede 7s was there. She would like her shoes. The only shoes now left at the studio, I am told, are also Merrells — but they’re green. Size 6-and-a-half.

It is now that I should probably explain to you that I own two pairs of Merrells. One is black. The other green.

No one had taken my shoes in the first place.

Note: The Sheriff just came in the room and read over my shoulder. He suggests that I title this post ‘Baring My Sole’. He left the room chuckling to himself and mumbling something about royalities.

Am I Losing My Mind?

This is just one of several similar incidents over the past few weeks.

Yoga is supposed to help you clear your mind but I lost my shoes because my mind wasn’t clear.

For months now it’s been racing…’I have to do’ this, ‘I have to do’ that, what’s next?, ‘I have to go’ here, ‘I have to go’ there…

Or so I think.

I’ve got so much in my head I appear to have lost it.

Lost and Found

I got my shoes back. I got my mat.

I am not good at yoga but I did find this exercise to be a much needed reminder:

Reach for the sky but don’t lose your balance.

Have you been in my shoes?


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About the artist: You will learn much more about Mike Davenport in the weeks ahead. For now, suffice to say he is someone whose work I value. His ‘art’ is translating complex ideas into simple images and you can check it out at StickFigureSimple.com.

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