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I want to tell you something that will only be true for one week in my entire life.

Next week I will be 50.

You know what’s funny about that?

It sounds old to everyone younger than me — and young to everyone older.

Yeah, that’s hysterical.


Forgive me if I don’t laugh along. I might break a rib – you know, being old and brittle and all.

How Does 50 Feel?

I don’t really know how I feel about 50.

Should I be depressed about it?

I’ll let you know next week.

But I do know that whenever I am unsure about something I ask myself ‘What am I supposed to be learning from this?’

So, as I approach this middle-age milestone, I have been thinking about the lessons I’ve learned and trying to zero in on one lesson that I could pass along – since that’s what older people are supposed to do.

And then I thought ‘Hey, it’s MY birthday! Why not ask for a gift?’

Share A Lesson

So, this is what I would like for my 50th birthday.

I am asking everyone to share one lesson that they’ve learned in their lives that could be of value to someone else.

It doesn’t have to be the ONLY lesson you’ve learned or the most important, just a lesson that has helped you, and therefore might help someone else.

I’ll start.

Life will not work out the way you expect.

Wait. Don’t hang up. That’s only half the lesson.

But it’s true, right?

The way you expected life to unfold when you were in your childhood years is probably not the way it’s worked out.

The deadlines you set in your 20s and plans you made in your 30s – for getting married, for having children, for your ‘career’ – did all that fall into place as you thought it would?

Not exactly.

When I was in my 20s I got a degree in sports medicine. I was sure I would be married and have children by the time I was 30.

When I was in my 30s I owned a huge clothing company. I was sure that I would have children by the time I was 40, even if I didn’t marry.

When I was 40 I worked as a reporter for a radio station, where I was sure I would work until I retired. I didn’t expect to marry and I knew I would live in Philadelphia the rest of my life.

Then I met the Sheriff.

Now I’m 50. I live in Connecticut. I have a blog, I work in TV and I’m sure of only one thing.

Life does not work out the way you expect. But sometimes it works out even better.

If you have a lesson to share (and I’m sure you do!), please leave a comment here.

If I get enough, I will put them together in an ebook (maybe with a surprise illustrator!!) and you will get full credit.

(Photo credit: Pink Sherbert)

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