As I headed to McDonald’s this morning for the Diet Coke and biscuit that I have every day, I had a shocking revelation.

I’m happy it’s September.

How could this be??

In the past, I have thought of September as the beginning of the end.

Winter is just a few short months away, so I buckle down for doom and gloom.

But not this year.

This year September feels right.

Fall Is Better For You

When September comes, the kids go back to school and the adults get back to work.

Even if they’ve been at work physically, most people seem to take a mental vacation in the summer — but now they’re back.

Back in their homes and back to their routines which, for me, is very comforting.

I like knowing where people are. I like them to answer when I call.

I need some things in my life to be predictable. And…

I Know I Am Not Alone

This is how the discussion about dinner goes whenever we decide to eat out — which is several times a week:

The Sheriff: Where do you want to go?
Me: I don’t care, anything is fine with me.
The Sheriff: We could go for pizza.
Me: That’s fine.
The Sheriff: How about a burger? Do you feel like a burger?
Me: Sure, that would be great.
The Sheriff: How ‘bout that new Italian place?
Me : Anything. Really.

This goes on for about 10 minutes – then we get in the car and go to the same Thai place we go to every time we go out.

After dinner, we tell each other that we really should go some place new. But we won’t.

It’s our routine.

And you know what? I like it.

Routine Benefits

Every minute of my day is not routine but working around a routine, having a predictable structure, allows me to be more creative and more productive otherwise.

With less chaos I am more conscious. And more clear.

As much as we love the freedom of summer, there’s something to be said for the security of fall.

Routine makes me feel ‘rooted’. More safe. And therefore, in some ways, more bold.

For instance, instead of chicken salad for lunch…maybe I’ll have tuna.

Is this you? What’s your routine?
Do you think it helps you or hurts you?

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