We are living in very different times.

And, in some ways, I have to believe that these times are more difficult than in years past.

Partly, because we have so many choices.

The Good Old Days

It used to be that men worked and women stayed at home raising kids.

The men worked at the same company for years and there was loyalty – from employees to employers and visa versa.

Actually, I’m not sure these were the good old days.

What if you didn’t like your job?

What if, as a woman, you longed for earning power?

Fast Forward

Today, your choices are unlimited.

Women can be doctors and men are nurses.

We have stay at home Dads and working Moms.

You can wear jeans to the office on casual Friday, or wear pajamas if you work online.

And if you don’t like what you’re doing, you can choose to change it.

Or can you?

The freedom to choose always sounds appealing. Choice could mean opportunity.

But more often than not…

Choice Means Conflict

I don’t think having more choices has made people happier in their work. I think many people – maybe most – struggle with the conflict between ‘who they are’ and ‘what they do’.

That’s why I am excited to be part of Shane Ketterman’s ‘Rethink Work’ project.

Shane is doing a series of live webinars with entrepreneurs who have been able to break with the traditional notion of work and carve out an independent path.

It’s FREE – Next Tuesday, 4pm Pacific time, 7pm Eastern. You can sign up HERE.

Rethink Life

I love the concept of ‘rethinking’.

It means you’re weighing the possibility that the way you’ve always done something, the way you were taught to do it, may not be the only way.

You can rethink work, rethink relationships, rethink how you live, how you spend….anything.

It’s simply a matter of exploring your choices.

And that’s where growth happens.

How did you ‘choose’ your career?
Does ‘what you do’ represent ‘who you are’??
On a scale of 1-10, how happier are you in your work?

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