Marie Moody

Marie Moody

I love when I learn something or gain inspiration unexpectedly. It’s probably the thing I like best about my job, and my ‘Give-A-Listen’ interviews here on the ParmFarm.

A good interview is like a treasure hunt. You know there are some gifts to be had but you don’t know exactly where – or if – you’ll find them. It may require some digging or, you may just stumble upon something. The trick in any interview is not only finding the treasure – but recognizing it. In Marie Moody, it’s hard to miss.

I called Moody for an interview after reading her article ‘How to Profit from Complaints’, which highlighted the growth her business enjoyed once she began listening to her customers. So, I should not be surprised that the ‘treasure’ I am excited about sharing with this interview is that Stella and Chewy’s is thriving because its President and Founder is a good listener.

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The Interview

Click here to ‘Give-A-Listen’. (14:20)

Moody’s story starts out as one of a typical entrepreneur. She saw a need in the marketplace and decided to try to fill the void. Then, she named the company after both her dogs, Stella and Chewy. But, unlike many entrepreneurs with good ideas, Marie Moody still has a horse in the race because she is more than willing to share the reins. She not only listens to customers, but she listens to others who have the expertise she may lack – and she listens to her heart.

Some of the things I learned in listening to Marie Moody:

- (1:50) Moody says she started the business after getting fired from a job in the fashion industry. What some might see as a failure, she was able to recognize as an opportunity. Her passion for fashion had faded and nothing matched the love she felt for her dogs – and keeping them healthy. So, with ‘nothing to lose’ – and no experience – she listened to her heart and started manufacturing raw (read healthy) pet foods.

- (3:50) Moody is actually empowered by what she does not know. Inexperience is simply an opportunity to invite others to help you grow.

- (6:10) Despite many obstacles and sleepless nights, Moody never thought about quitting. ‘It wasn’t an option’, she says because ‘passion takes away’ that choice.

- (7:40) Throughout the interview, Moody reminds us that listening to others can make you stronger. Over and over again she turns the spotlight on others and, in doing so, she shines.

- (7:55) In no uncertain terms Moody credits others with helping grow her business – and helping her grow. ‘I actually have found great comfort and relief in bringing in other people’, she says.

- (8:40) Marie underscores the importance of focusing not just on where you’re going, but on how far you’ve come.

- (10:00) In looking to the future, Moody thinks in terms of what she can give as a result of her business instead of what she can get from it. ”As soon as you start to think about what you can get”, she says, “it is a breeding ground for fear.”

Moody also talks with bold honesty about her disappointments (5:20) , her divorce (13:09), her fears (12:00) and her future (9:30).

Most of what I write about here at the ParmFarm focuses on personal or professional growth. I am grateful to Marie Moody for reminding me that listening can be a powerful fertilizer.

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