Well, that was easy.

Thank you.

Sometimes you can get attention simply by asking for it. If you do so nicely and have a reputation for respecting your audience.

But, it’s not always that simple.

What could be more important?

We all want attention. From our spouse, our boss, our parents, our customers, our children, our friends.

So, in the next few weeks I am going to be writing a series of posts about ‘How To Get More Attention.’

Not only how to get attention, but how to get the ‘right’ kind of attention.

Not the kind the Sheriff got when I found another woman’s underwear in my bedroom….and not the kind I got when I wrote about sleeping with someone I didn’t even know.

Not the kind the IMF guy is getting – and certainly not the Arnold and Maria kind. Not this week.

I’m going to focus on getting the kind of attention that improves your relationships, your business, what you do and how you feel.

As a reporter, it is my job to shine the spotlight on people, places and things that I think are most deserving of attention. Not just mine — but yours.

So I kind of get paid, to pay attention.

How To Get More Attention

One thing that always makes people pay attention is when you change something – like your hair. Or your mind.

Or your website.

I am going to be making some changes here on the ParmFarm.

I just wanted to let you know because over the course of the next few days/weeks, you may notice the site looking a little odd or acting a little glitchy. And I’m kind of freaked about it.

The voices in my head are telling me that you might think ‘what the hell is she doing?? I liked it better before.’

What I’m doing is changing the site so that it is easier for people to get something out of every visit.

That’s the kind of attention I want for the farm.

May I Keep Your Attention Please?

Please don’t go away. I really appreciate your attention. And I want you to see that sometimes, if you want someone’s attention, all you need to do is ask.

But remember, you give what you need.

So if someone gives you their attention, give it back.

Like don’t just going changing your website as if your visitors don’t matter. Because they do.


If you could get attention for just one thing, what would it be??

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