How do you make money blogging?

That’s the question that everyone asks — and Michael Stelzner answers — in this ‘Give-a-Listen’ interview.

But it’s not all about blogging or business.

It’s about a guy who had an idea and had the courage to run with it.

“We become better at what we do by experiencing failure.” – Michael Stelzner

A Success Story

Michael is the Founder of Social Media Examiner, one of the most popular blogs in the world.

In less than two years ago, he has gone from a self-described nobody to a social media superstar.

He shares the secrets of his success in his new book ‘Launch’, which I reviewed a few weeks ago (If you’d like a FREE copy…keep reading!) but I wanted to get up close and personal.

Michael obliged.

Give-a-Listen: If you cannot see the video, click here.

The Interview

I love to interview people because it’s like being on a treasure hunt.  If you go the right way, you know you are going to find something special.

Sometimes you find exactly what you set out looking for but often you stumble across unexpected gifts.

With Michael, it was a little of both.

7 Things You Will Learn If You ‘Give A Listen’

1.  (3:49) Michael’s ‘first business’ might surprise you.  It was short-lived but shows he had the entrepreneurial spirit early on.  In fact, Michael admits to having about 10 businesses prior to his success with Social Media Examiner (SME).

2.  (5:38) Michael admits Social Media Examiner started ‘as an experiment’.

3.  (9:47) Michael talks about ‘where most people in marketing get it wrong’.

4.  (12:44)  Michael shares about a key player and ‘sounding board’ in his success.

5.  (15:17)  Michael calls his new book ‘Launch’ his ‘best work ever’ but admits “It almost killed me”.

6.  (21:00)  Michael reveals how he’s making money from his blog.

7.  (25:19)  Despite offers that began rolling in almost from the start, Social Media Examiner is not for sale.

I Like Mike

I always walk away from an interview with a feeling.

Sometimes it’s the feeling ‘wow, that person is lucky to be alive’ or ‘wow, that person is really smart’.

With Michael the feeling was ‘wow, he is really likeable’.

Don’t underestimate likeable.  Likeable is huge.

And when it comes to his success, I’ve got to believe that’s somewhere in the mix.

Win A Copy of Launch

Because I like Mike, I’m crazy about his new book and I love visitors to the ParmFarm, I am giving away two copies of Launch!  FREE!

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Opportunity International

At Michael’s request this ‘Give-a-Listen’ interview benefits Opportunity International*.


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