How would you describe me?

Some of you know me personally. Most of you don’t. So I’m guessing there may be a difference of opinion between the two camps.

Either way, I wonder, if someone were to ask you ‘Who is Amy Parmenter?’, what would you say?

If you know me at all, I trust you know that my curiosity is not motivated by ego or narcissism.

I simply wonder how others see me, in comparison to how I see myself – since I know from experience these two vantage points may be very different.

For instance, it wasn’t until a dinner party with friends a few years ago that I realized that most people see me as opinionated. (I do realize some of you may have just spit out your drinks…)

I was kind of shocked.

How I could not have seen this in myself I will never know, since it seems so obvious now, but I had only my own perspective.

It’s like looking in a mirror. You can’t see yourself as tall or short – until you stand next to someone else.

Turns out, I’m short. And opinionated.

I wasn’t really flattered by the revelation because – in my opinion – it’s not really a compliment but I was grateful to be able to see myself from another perspective.

How do you think someone would describe you? Is it the way you would want to be described?

This reminds me of a guy I was dating once (not the Sheriff) who asked me to describe myself in ONE word. As I pondered the question he said “If I could describe you in ONE word it would be ‘intensely curious.’”

Uuuuh…I think that’s two words. Does that make me opinionated?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently because my soon-to-be-published ebook is about reinventing yourself and it occurs to me that the times in my life when I have wanted to reinvent myself are those times when the person who I am perceived to be is not in keeping with the person who I am.

For instance, when I went to the wrong college, I was perceived as someone who was depressed – but that’s not who I am, or certainly not who I wanted to be, so I changed.

After several years in the clothing business I became argumentative, not who I wanted to be, so I changed.

I’m not suggesting you should change solely based on other peoples’ perceptions, I’m only suggesting that you consider how other people see you, so you can insure that it is in keeping with the way you see yourself.

How do you think other people would describe you? At home? At work? Is it the way you want to be described?

Just curious.

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