Does anybody listen to what you have to say?


Does the person you want to listen, hear you?

Know Your Audience

It’s important to have an audience. Whether it’s just one person or a crowd, having someone listen to you is as important as having a mirror in your house.

As a reporter, I need an audience, as a blogger, I need an audience, as a consultant, I need my clients to hear me and at home….well, at home, I listen to the Sheriff.

Speak The Same Language

If you are not being heard there are two possibilities – you are either talking to the wrong audience or speaking the wrong language.

The best communicators, the best bosses, the best sales people, and best friends relate to each other where they find common ground.

Can You Relate?

I was reminded about the value of relating to your audience when I read this post by Stan Smith. It began with a story about his ‘Nana’.

Now I am sure there were some readers who couldn’t relate to the touching tale but I loved my grandmother and also learned from her – so I was intrigued by Stan’s story and wanted to hear more.

He was talking to me. I wasn’t reading his story, I was feeling it.

Turns out, it wasn’t really about Nana at all, it was about online marketing – possibly a boring subject on its surface – but not when it’s delivered by the right storyteller to the right audience.

What’s Your Story?

We all tell stories every day. We want to be heard. At work and at home.

Are you being heard?

Why not?

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